Follow the Road

Of the vague set of memories I have, Christmas in Andorra stands out fairly strongly. I remember the cabin, I remember my bunk bed, and I remember that Santa somehow snuck in and placed my stocking right next to me in my bed and I didn’t wake up. He must have been standing just a foot away from me. Just… Read more →

A Visit to the Old Stomping Grounds

My Dad is relatively young for someone who is dealing with dementia at only 66 years of age. Dementia isn’t just a problem in its own right; it’s a symptom of an underlying disease and most people associate it with Alzheimer’s. Dad doesn’t have Alzheimer’s; his dementia affects a different area of the brain but has many of the same… Read more →


It’s been five days since I arrived in Barcelona, Spain. I’m sitting about 100 meters from the Mediterranean in a rented apartment I found through If I crane my head really hard and lean out really far, I can just barely catch a glimpse of sapphire blue winking in the sun between centuries old buildings and modern-day satellites.  … Read more →