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The Pirc in Black and White: Detailed Coverage of an Enterprising Chess Opening (Everyman Chess)

The Pirc is an bold counter-attacking reaction to White’s preferred beginning stream, 1 e4. James Vigus offers an updated appraisal of the Pirc and its many diversifications. utilizing illustrative video games, he examines the conventional major traces, the trendy possible choices and the tough sidelines, whereas outlining the common tactical and positional rules for either White and Black.

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Bd4 Bxc4! Kb1 Rad8 etc. Ndxe5! Nxe5 Qd4! The key move; Black regains his piece and retains his bishop pair. Nxg6! Kxg6! A winning try. Rd1! Be5! Rd1 Qf6!? Kh1 Bxc3 is objectively equal but offers no chances to win. Bd3+!? Rxd3 Rd4!? g3! Bh3!? Rd3 Bg8!? Nd5?! Re4! was more ambitious and would have given White the advantage. b3? , but that's hard to admit. Presumably both players were short of time. Re8 Now White's in big trouble. There's no safe place for his king. Kh3 Qxe2 A dynamic game by Martinez, and one of the 5 wins by Cuban players as Black in this round!

You get the best chess when both sides are playing hard for a win, and it takes pressure to create a diamond. Let's start on the top boards, where there was a lot of action but in the end, no blood. Nakamura missed an overpowering attack against Kudrin and needed to escape later himself. Shabalov let slip a winning endgame against stern defense by Stripunsky. Those draws allowed two more players to join the leading group. Alexander Fishbein continued his good form and beat Novikov. Gregory Serper outdueled Schneider with black to join the leaders.

Rxd6?! Nf3 g6 The Hyper-Accelerated Dragon. d5 in one move. Nxd4 g6). Qh4? Nxe5! a3? exd6!? Qe5 This forcing continuation has recently cast doubt on Black's opening play. The White Queen will go on a material-grabbing raid and Black has difficulties getting at the enemy King.

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