By Chuck Collins

Over the prior thirty years, we have seen an intensive redistribution of wealth upward to a tiny fraction of the inhabitants. the following, activist Chuck Collins explains the way it occurred and marshals wide-ranging information to teach precisely what the 99/1 percentage divide capability within the genuine international and the wear it explanations to contributors, companies, and the earth. most vital, he solutions the burning query, what may be performed approximately it? He deals a common sense advisor to bringing a couple of society that works for everybody: the one hundred pc. this can be a fight that may be received. in any case, the chances are ninety nine to one in our desire.

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The pressure will keep building until change occurs. I am optimistic that we have a very good chance of not only reversing the worst of these inequalities but also organizing an economy for the 100 percent that responds to the global ecological and economic challenges that we face together. Each of us has a role to play. We need all hands on deck. My intention for this book is to contribute to this movement. CHUCK COLLINS Boston, Massachusetts February 2012 INTRODUCTION We Are the 99 Percent They will put up with poverty, servitude, and barbarism, but they will not endure aristocracy.

Benefits went beyond military veterans to include additional groups via Pell Grants, other educational grants, and low-interest loans. • Homeownership expansion. Government programs aimed at boosting homeownership, such as the Farmers Home Administration, Federal Housing Administration mortgage insurance, and housing loans provided through the Veterans Administration, provided low fixed-rate mortgages for terms as long as forty years. S. population that became home-owners expanded from 44 percent to 63 percent.

I have seven intentions for this book, points that I hope you as reader will take away. Inequality Matters to You. Think about what you care deeply about: kids, health, education, the environment, culture, housing, and the amount of free time you have. In every area that you care about, the extreme wealth inequalities of the last several decades have damaged and undermined these conditions. We Are Living in an Inequality Death Spiral. These growing inequalities of wealth, power, and opportunity interact in a fright-eningly dynamic way to contribute to a downward spiral of worsening social, ecological, and economic conditions.

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