By Tashi

Tashi. A easy Grammar of recent spoken Tibetan
Labrary of Tibetan Works and documents, 2005. — 195 с.

— a realistic instruction manual. — 81-85102-74-0
A simple Grammar of contemporary Spoken Tibetan is written for these non-Tibetan who've a willing curiosity in studying the correct principles of spoken Tibetan grammar. This publication is predicated on my twelve years of expertise in instructing Tibetan language on the Library of Tibetan Works and files, Dharamsala and 12 months instructing and learning within the U.S.A. in the course of those years i've got amassed a number of notes which convey the typical grammatical difficulties of Tibetan language scholars. during this e-book i've got attempted to provide the grammar principles as sincerely as possiblewith a few easy examples, in order that it can be utilized by somebody who has no prior wisdom of spoken Tibetan. The English translations stick to the Tibetan as heavily as attainable on the way to support scholars comprehend either its which means and shape. (from the preface through the author).

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11 where a, b,c respectively. are the z2 - Zl % - Xl 23 - 21 x3 - Xl OF PLANE z intercepts ~Y _ yl~ + IN INTERCEPT xz - Xl Y2 - Y1 x3 Xl Y3 - Y1 - (z-q) FORM 1 on the x, y, z axes Fig. 12-2 = 0 48 FOkMULAS FROM E A z t N YB X” A N t A B C OQ P x - - Yn P z - F I 2 P T T ” R( S y O 2 w . z P + L =A 0 a al u ep A 1 FU PD or C i ft ANALYTIC L E d o h n h , , . D SOLID n na A A A e L T N 1 1 2 x cas L + y COS,8 . i- z COSy w P a a p = p C/ y a h an x de Xb3 =1 ef On d a e r 4 p 0 i tr p r r a ,e,p e P xg y nz s s op l to eo t ,l , d .

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