By Edward Winter

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The Pirc in Black and White: Detailed Coverage of an Enterprising Chess Opening (Everyman Chess)

The Pirc is an bold counter-attacking reaction to White’s preferred commencing movement, 1 e4. James Vigus presents an updated appraisal of the Pirc and its many adaptations. utilizing illustrative video games, he examines the normal major traces, the trendy choices and the tough sidelines, whereas outlining the common tactical and positional principles for either White and Black.

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1 2 . £J xd6+ 12 ... d3 White, dissatisfied with his handling of the opening, aspires only to a draw and frees the center. , he could still fashion a game quite inter­ esting and risk-free for himself since, in this case, the pressure from White's bishops on the c- and d-pawns would have been more than sufficient compen­ sation for any possible black counter­ play on the e-file. 13... dxe4 �d4+ The only move, but sufficient. 1 6. � x d4 c x d 4 17 . £J x d 5 1 8 . £J f 6 1 9 . Axd4 Axg2 2Vifi1xg2 �-� But this response is artificial and in this respect illogical, as White will succeed, with d5, in blocking the diagonal of the fianchettoed bishop.

With the text move, he goes for complications in the hope of withstand­ ing the dangerous-looking attack and then being able successfully to assail the somewhat exposed e-pawn. As the out­ come shows, the plan is far too risky and should ultimately tum out to his disadvantage. Ah7! A very strong move, whose idea con­ sists mainly of getting the bishop off the back rank without loss of time, which should be of great importance. , forcing the next retreat of the queen. d5! The entire change of attack initiated with move 47 is based on this riposte.

Marshall took advantage ofBiack's cocky 49th move quite nicely, and at last gets the advantage. But instead of choosing an obvious continuation, which would have assured him a favorable endgame, he can't resist, considering his style of play, the attempt to go for further com­ plexities - be it also per nefas in the hope of mating his opponent ... - According to circumstances, still the best, since after a rook retreat on the e­ file, 58 . . �d5 (which wouldn't be ad­ vantageous on the previous move be­ cause of � f4, .

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