By S.K. Pillai

This advent to electric drives offers with points of either DC and AC vehicles, the dynamics of the force process, inherent regular country features of DC and AC cars, and the kinds of tools used to change those features to fit particular standards. the writer discusses an important brief methods: beginning and braking and diverse equipment used to estimate the ranking of automobiles subjected to varied load cycles. One bankruptcy is dedicated to the more and more well known thyristor managed force. Solved and unsolved difficulties are supplied to demonstrate the innovations awarded.

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New fabrication facilities coming on line or planned will be 6-inch, and this will result in market share peaking and the start of a decline thereafter. e. 3- or 4-inch. Use of 2-inch s u b s t r a t e s continues in R&D but has been phased out by all device foundries. This is in c o n t r a s t to the o p t o e l e c t r o n i c s sector, w h e r e 2-inch s e m i c o n d u c t i n g substrates continue to predominate. 28 Gallium Arsenide Electronic Materials and Devices Substrate Markets Recently, leading substrate manufacturers such as Freiberger C o m p o u n d Materials have announced cessation of 2-inch substrate manufacture.

In the early 1990s the first blue laser diodes emerged. These were based on II-VI compounds and were only made possible via the MBE technique. However, by the end of the 1990s a shift had occurred in the preferred epitaxial growth techniques. The world's first practical commercial blue diode laser emerged in early 1999. This was b a s e d on g a l l i u m n i t r i d e (GaN) a n d has r e a c h e d commercial status via MOVPE. Today, the entire blue optoelectronics device industry is MOVPE-based, with little prospect of any shift to MBE or any other technique.

1 Demand and Supply by Geographical Region North America is the biggest regional c o n s u m e r and p r o d u c e r of SI GaAs wafers, followed by Japan. 2. It does not have as many suppliers overall as Japan (eight principals) but all three are respective Top 10 companies. Wafer demand is dominated by GaAs IC production, and North America is by far the largest p r o d u c e r of both MMICs and GaAs digital ICs. This lead is expected to be further consolidated over the next few years. There are 25 GaAs p r o d u c t i o n foundries in the USA (including many 4-inch lines), c o m p a r e d with 12 in Japan and seven in E u r o p e (see C o m p a n y Profiles in C h a p t e r 8).

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