By Vox Day

A Magic damaged is a story of ruthlessness, braveness and deceit. The novella tells the tale of Captain Nicolas du Mere, an exile fleeing the demise of his insurgent lord, and Lodi, son of Dunmorin, a courageous dwarf devoted to rescuing his fellow dwarves from slavery. Their harmful paths meet, yet in a way that's something yet predictable.

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Laying siege to a city with high, strong walls that stretched more than six leagues in circumference was no easy matter, and complicated in this instance by Low Caemlyn, the warren of brick and stone houses and shops, windowless warehouses and long markets, that lay outside Caemlyn’s walls. Seven more like camps were being made, though, spaced around the city where they could cover every road, every gate that would allow a sizable sortie. They already had patrols 39 CROSSROADS OF TWILIGHT out, and likely watchers lurked in the now-deserted buildings of Low Caemlyn.

She has a wide circle of friends, or did before the . . ” A touch of satisfaction tinged her voice, however smooth her face; she was still a rebel, in spite of the added oath. ” It took an effort for Yukiri not to crane her neck trying to look every way at once. A tapestry worked with large white flowers rippled slightly, and she hesitated until she was sure it was a draft and not another servant coming out of a servants’ ramp. She never could recollect where they were located. Her new topic was as dangerous as discussing Atuan, in its own way.

When they first learned Talene was a Darkfriend, Talene had been a shielded prisoner. And she still scared us spitless, she admitted to herself. Well, what they did to make her confess had scared them spitless first, but learning the truth turned their tongues to dust. Now Talene was tethered tighter than Meidani, closely guarded even if she did appear to walk free—how to keep a Sitter prisoner without anyone noticing had been beyond even Saerin—and she was pathetically eager to offer up every scrap she knew or even suspected in hope it might save her life, not that she had any choice.

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