By Nicholas M. Prescott, Menno Pradhan

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The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives

Fifty years after Michael Harrington released his groundbreaking ebook the opposite the USA, within which he chronicled the lives of individuals excluded from the Age of Affluence, poverty in the USA is again with a vengeance. it really is made of either the long term chronically bad and new operating poor—the thousands and thousands of sufferers of a damaged financial system and an ever extra dysfunctional political process.

When things fall apart: Qualitative Studies of Poverty in the Former Soviet Union

Whilst issues crumble records the reviews of guys, girls, and youngsters in Armenia, (Icorgia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia. Moldova. Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan as they fight with the dramatic alterations in way of life and severe poverty tbat the cave in of the Soviet Union. in accordance with 1000s of open-ended interviews performed by way of local community over a span of 5 years, this booklet captures the particularities of poverty in every one geographical region in addition to a collective feel of disillusionment and a strikingly comparable array of responses to the difficulty.

Uncertain Lives: Children of Promise, Teachers of Hope

Written for all those who find themselves desirous about the plight of youngsters in the USA, such a lot specifically destiny tuition lecturers, doubtful Lives tells the tales of 34 teenagers, enrolled in a K–6 city college. the story informed is one in all childrens doing the simplest they know the way lower than attempting existence conditions. offering the voices of the youngsters themselves, Robert Bullough places a hopeful and eventually human face on what are another way grim facts.

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But perhaps Cambodia's greatest loss was the depletion of its human capital by mass genocide and large-scale exodus of the most educated citizens during the years of Khmer Rouge rule from 1975 to 1979 when institutions were dismantled, the legal system destroyed and money abolished. With this legacy of suffering and devastation Cambodia is now one of the poorest countries in the world with a per capita income of only US$ 260. Achieving rapid poverty reduction is therefore a central goal of Cambodia's First Socioeconomic Development Plan, 1996-2000.

If the investments which have been made in creating new skills in survey design, field procedures, data processing methods, policy analysis and program design are not maintained continuously then future surveys will become much more difficult to implement. Agenda for Institutional Strengthening The importance of consolidating and sustaining these nascent efforts to strengthen the information base for policymaking on poverty is increasingly recognized in neighbouring countries. For example, in the early Page xiii 1990s Indonesia initiated a major collaborative effort between the planning and statistics agencies to redesign its national household survey system (SUSENAS) to provide better data to guide the country's poverty alleviation programs.

325 Institutional and Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Brazilian Science and Technology Sector:Setting a New Agenda. Edited by Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, Michael Crawford, and Alcyone Saliba No. 326 The East Asian Miracle and Information Technology: Strategic Management of Technological Learning. Nagy Hanna, Sandor Boyson, and Shakuntala Gunaratne No. 327 Agricultural Reform in Russia: A View from the Farm Level. Karen Brooks, Elmira Krylatykh, Zvi Lerman, Aleksandr Petrikov, and Vasilii Uzun No. 328 Insuring Sovereign Debt Against Default.

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