By Johann Isaac Hollandus

"A paintings of Saturn" is a vintage alchemic tex through the alchemist J. I. Hollandus.
From the book:
"My baby shall comprehend, that the Stone referred to as the Philosopher's Stone, comes out of Saturn. And for this reason whilst it's perfected, it makes projection in addition in mans' physique from all illnesses, that could attack them both inside of or with no, be they what they'll, or known as by means of what identify soever, as additionally within the imperfect Metals."

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As the Kabalah claims to be a tradition long received in secret reduced by one generation from another and at length into writing, so one of its classics informs us,* because of the bad state of the affairs of Israel, but yet written after a concealed manner,! it is be expected that to difficulties to the its literary methods ordinary student. irak or " Hook of Formation," probably the explanation of a commentator. t Obscurities, complexities and confusions do but the state is point to the existence f a double sense.

Who, as a fact, misstated so much, To Eliphas Levi, a grandiose we owe presentation of the Talmudic system which does grave outrage to good sense. f He lays down that the first Talmud, the only truly Kabalistic one, was collected during the second century of the Christian era by Rabbi Jehudah Hakadosh Hanassi that is, Judah " Edersheim divides Talmudic traditionalism into two portions = the legislative enactments of the Fathers; and Haggada : Ilalakha = free interpretation. Some History of the Jewish Nation, p.

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