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Marshall Plan announced: 5 June 1947 Key date General Marshall’s offer The Break-up of the Grand Alliance 1945–7 | 49 Key question Key terms Why were the Americans disappointed by the way the West Europeans organised the carrying out of the Marshall Plan? Western bloc An alliance of Western European states and the USA. Customs union An area of free trade unhindered by national tariffs. Sovereignty Independence. A sovereign state possesses the power to make its own decisions. Supranational Transcending national limits.

Stalin feared that a joint programme would enable US economic power to undermine Soviet influence in Eastern Europe. Bevin, who had done much to engineer this break, as he did not want to run the risk of the USSR obstructing talks with the Americans, observed that Molotov’s departure marked the beginning of the formation of a Western bloc. On 16 July detailed negotiations on the Marshall Plan began in Paris, where 16 Western European nations, including Turkey and Greece, were represented. Relevant information on Bizonia was provided by the occupation authorities.

He appeared to be flexible in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and above all in Finland. In Italy and France he ordered the Communist parties to co-operate with the Liberal and moderate Socialist groups. Your conclusion should reach a substantiated judgement as to the extent that the liberation of Europe contributed to the start of the Cold War. Was it more or less important than other factors? The Defeat of the Axis Powers 1943–5: Cold War Foreshadowed? | 33 Study Guide: Advanced Level Question In the style of Edexcel Study Sources 1–3 below.

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