By W. J. Llope (auth.), Wolfgang Bauer, Alice Mignerey (eds.)

The learn of nuclear dynamics is now in a single of its best levels. the speculation is within the technique of setting up an more and more trustworthy shipping description of heavy ion reactions from the preliminary violent section ruled via first collisions to the extra thermalized later phases of the response. this can be real for the low-to-medium strength reactions, the place the dynamics is formulated when it comes to nucleonic, or regularly hadronic, levels of freedom. And it's also turning into a truth in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion reactions, the place partonic hassle-free levels of freedom must be used. Experiments are actually in a position to 'utilize the present accelerators and multiparticle detec­ tion platforms to behavior remarkable experiences of heavy-ion collisions on an event-by-event foundation. moreover, the sector anticipates the final touch of the development of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and the proposed improve of the nationwide Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, promising qualitatively new info for the close to destiny. All of those efforts are primarily directed to the exploration of the swap the nuclear medium presents for the homes and interactions of person nucleons and, finally, the exploration of the nuclear subject part diagram. The research of this section dia­ gram, together with all the fascinating part transitions anticipated from theoretical grounds, is the point of interest of many of the theoretical and experimental investigations of nuclear dynamics performed today.

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A comparison of the mIl and me distributions coincident with heavy fragments (squares) and with the ZPLF > 25 (crosses). The ungated distributions (thin lines) are plotted for reference. The ungated distributions were obtained under the minimum-bias condition 111 e > I, imposed by the Microball on-line trigger condition. The coincidence spectra were mUltiplied by arbitrary factors to facilitate comparison with the ungated distributions. 28 Skulski et al. fragments, are shown in the middle panel of Fig.

O. Civitarese and M. Schvellinger, J. Phys G 20, 1933 (1994). 6 DYNAMICS OF MULTIFRAGMENTATION M. Belkacem, A. Bonasera, and V. Latora INFN - Laboratorio Nazionale del Sud Viale Andrea Doria (ang. Via S. Sofia), 95123 Catania, Italy ABSTRACT We investigate the possibility of occurrence of a liquid-gas phase transition in a finite system. Through a study of mass distributions, scaled factorial moments and moments of cluster mass distributions, we find evidence for the presence of a critical behavior of our finite system.

3· Vbeam, consistent with the laboratory velocity of the center of mass of the projectile-target system. The en,hancement may partially be due to yield pileup at the intersection of the Coulomb rings associated with the PLF or TLF. On the other hand, such a feature is consistent with emission of a-particles from a participant or "neck" region, a process previously reported 9 for the Bi + Xe reaction at EIA = 28 MeV. At the present stage of analysis, these two possible contributions have not yet been separated.

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