By Messay Kebede

This e-book discovers freedom within the colonial notion of African primitiveness. As human transcendence, freedom escapes the drawbacks of otherness, as defended via ethnophilosophy, whereas exposing the idiosyncratic thought of Eurocentric universalism. Decolonization demands the reconnection with freedom, that's, with myth-making understood because the inaugural act of cultural pluralism. The cultural of modernization emerges whilst the go back to the prior deploys the longer term.

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Western Discourses on Africa 21 All these critical views on Western modernity converge on the major discovery of postmodernism, to wit, pluralism. ”60 The radical nature of the postmodernist discovery must be clearly stated. Especially, we must distinguish the discovery from the type of pluralism that refrains from characterizing other cultures as false or backward while considering them as largely commensurate. Because this mitigated pluralism still harbors universalist creeds, it takes differences as superficial deviations against the background of deeper similarities.

Why do we not educate them to discover and to venerate the ancient elements of truth ever present in their traditions? 50 One question comes to mind: What is to become of evangelization if the missionary work is thus focused on the task of purifying and salvaging Bantu beliefs?

The method wrongly thinks that the realization of spiritual vacuum activates the receptivity of the native to Christian teachings. ”11 Yet exchange this view for the one that recognizes the presence of a philosophy, and the strategy of conversion automatically changes. Conversion is conceptualized more as an outcome of dialogue than as the molding of a dispossessed soul. Between Evolutionism and Pluralism 27 The immediate effect of the recognition of philosophy is to stimulate the disposition to dialogue.

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