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M R T R' b sr r 0 cm 2-5 cm 5-1 cm 2-748 2-748 0 1 0 1 2-639 2-218 0-142 0-857 0-537 0-463 2-621 1-930 0-201 0-797 0-730 0-270 Calculation of interaction between two undermoderated systems. In order to obtain clearance for storage prior to doing critical mass experiments it was desired to know the interaction between spheres,! , composed of a U0 /paraffin-wax compact. 2 is not applicable. In applying the EXSO method to estimate the surface multiplication, M , of such spheres three difficulties present themselves: 2 2 3 5 2 3 8 3 s (i) the limitations of assumptions made concerning the scattering laws will preclude an accurate estimate of M \% (ii) the possible inaccuracies in the available nuclear data for U ; (iii) the angular distribution and spectrum to which the spheres are subjected in the array are unknown.

6. 2 3 5 Wood reflector Cavity C d - plated steel liner Z *- z r E o Counters 0 0 CM • l U F U • / 30 cm 2 U 1-5 m •~ z Top view of container assy. FIG. 6. Experimental arrangement for measuring the interaction between transit containers. 24) was measured for a series of cylinders of solid 9 3 % U , and for cylinders of 9 3 % U and natural uranium or graphite made up of interleaved 0-95 cm (f in) thick discs. The source used was a mock fission source [Po-B, F, Be, N a (a, n)] and was placed half-way up the cavity in container B on the wall nearest container A for counts C and C and at the centre of the cavity of container A for count C .

S If this same source were placed at the centre of the sphere, the total emission would be M Q. 32) c where 6 is a function which specifies the relative importance of neutrons injected at the outside to neutrons injected at the centre. F o r systems whose dimensions are of the same order or smaller than one neutron mean free path there is no preferential point at which neutrons can be injected with peculiarly high multiplication, and for such systems 6, M and M will all be of order unity. 3] 41 SIMPLE HAND METHODS guide.

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