By Alan Oken

"Our activity is to lovingly and consciously cooperate with the forces at paintings in this globe at this time.  Astrology presents the way to hyperlink the person with a awake attunement to the planetary forces which are a part of and impact the whole."

More than fifteen years in the past, Alan Oken pioneered the improvement of recent Age astrology with the ebook of 3 books amassed during this entire edition.  Now, newly up to date, Alan Oken's entire Astrology charts the cosmological pathway to larger own achievement and religious attunement via a deeper, extra intuitive figuring out of our personal power--and the age we are living in.

Featuring cutting-edge astrological charts and diagrams, line drawings, charts of up to date celebrities, an exhaustive bibliography and lots more and plenty extra, this re-creation of the vintage trilogy is among the such a lot obtainable and informative publications to the heavens ever written.  For rookies and specialists alike, Alan Oken's entire Astrology is your key to realizing the legislation of the hot planetary age.

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This bore out even further the universal principle contained in the maxim: " As above, so below. " Man the scientist developed ever finer machines and techniques for accurately observing the sky and noted the changes taking place therein. Man the artist, through the use of symbols, represented the vari­ ous activities of the planets and stars and was able to depict graphically their traits and characteristics. Man the storyteller ascribed to the heavenly bodies the personalities of his gods which so aptly corre­ sponded to the planetary influences upon him and his world.

It is not advised that the beginning student investigate esoteric astrology without first obtaining a firm basis in the more practical applications of his interest. It is important, however, for the student to get some idea of the deeper philosophy underlying astrological studies so that his or her viewpoint will take on greater depth. Certain books have been designated in the bibliographies of this work in which the i ntegration of these two as­ pects of astrology is harmoniously achiev,e d. Astrology is neither a perfected science nor solely an art form created by the intuitive faculties ef the various people who practice it.

By Scorpio time (the sign of death and rebirth) , all the leaves have fallen off of the trees , thus enriching the Earth so that new leaves will bloom in the spring. Sagittarius brings us to the first sign of winter, Capricorn. The coldest time of the year occurs during the time of Aquarius (late January and February) , which is , of course, in polarity to the hottest month, Leo. Pisces carries us out of winter and back into spring when Aries starts the whole process over again . When we examine the Zodiac (p.

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