By Robert Neild (auth.)

By an analogous writer as "The Foundations of protecting Defence", this e-book appears to be like on the impact of method at the success of peace in a nuclear age. subject matters are approached from a political, a nuclear, and a sub-nuclear point. the current place, and its old history also are examined.

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He can refrain from retaliation and say that, rather than make any political concessions, he will escalate when he feels like it. If he does so, you will not have won anything for he can always go to the top step or any point short of it that he chooses. Ex hypothesi, you both retain the capacity to do unacceptable damage by going to the top step, and the damage done at these lower steps is acceptable. In short, escalation is just a way of threatening, by actions rather than words, that you will go to the top, and it suffers from just the same ambiguity as the making of threats in words.

If you do not know these things, you may reach dangerously wrong conclusions. Your opponent may think you have escalated when you did not intend to do so, or the opposite; and, similarly, you may misinterpret his actions. The point can be illustrated by the story of a western visitor to a middle eastern country who, before going out to visit some local people in the evening, was advised by friends with whom she was staying that etiquette required that, when she was offered dinner, she should refuse three times; she would then be fed.

Nuclear threats of this kirid have been called, misleadingly, nuclear blackmail, and the argument that you need nuclear weapons in order to avoid nuclear blackmail has been used by nuclear powers, for example Britain, to justify their possession of nuclear weapons. Yet nuclear blackmail has also been dismissed, implicitly, or explicitly, by nuclear powers when they advocate non-proliferation and argue that nations that do not yet possess nuclear weapons do not need them. There has been more opportunism than consistency in the way the notion of 'nuclear blackmail' has been used.

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