By Basil Copper

'[The writer] has explored this grimly somber realm of human truth with a sensitivity and talent that's nearly remarkable one of the myth writers of our age. All seven stories in [this ebook] deal with the topic of loss of life, yet in each one example this universal subject matter has been magically transmuted throughout the incomarable alchemy of Copper's wonderful macabre imagination.'

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All as one partake in Thee, O' Al Thuba; O' Thou Tree ofa Million Boughs! The Cup or Graal, is the wellspring of the Dragon's life-bestowing elixir. To drink from the Cup is to incline one's lips to the womb of one's own begetting, even unto the roseate lips of the Primordial Blood-mother Lili ya; to drink is to acknowledge the Pact of Great Return, to partake in the wine that contains the fullness of this Gnosis and to knowingly enter the Great Year's Wheel - the cycle of Initiatic Self-transmutation.

If a human skull cannot be obtained, then let an image be wrought in wood, clay or wax - thus to serve as the Idol of the Initiator until such a time when the Death's-head shall be revealed in truth. raco'Taus THE SEEKER IN THE TIME before the working of the Hieros Gamos, in the time betwixt birth and the turning of intent, the Aspirant abides within the gestative darkness beyond the circle's edge. There, in constant preparation for the undertaking of the Crooked Path, by both day and night, let the Aspirant attain to purity and strength in motivation.

The deed of its taking should be returned by an offering of blood, drawn by the Arthana from one's flesh and offered with thanksgiving unto the place of the severed bough. Once cut, the Wand is very much the image of its maker - rough and unhewn, untouched by either skill or artistry. Thus, as with the discipline of ordeal and task, we may shape ourselves, so with the skill of hand and eye, we may shape the vehicles of our intent. By such devotion as we would exert in our own self-creation, so let us hone and adorn the many instruments of Our Arte.

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