Hannah Arendt and Theodor W. Adorno, of the main influential political philosophers and theorists of the 20th century, have been contemporaries with related pursuits, backgrounds, and a shared adventure of exile. but before, no e-book has introduced them jointly. during this first comparative research in their paintings, top students talk about divergences, divulge amazing affinities, and locate universal floor among the 2 thinkers. This pioneering paintings recovers the relevance of Arendt and Adorno for modern political concept and philosophy and lays the basis for a serious knowing of political modernity: from universalistic claims for political freedom to the abyss of genocidal politics.

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He is also known as an inspiration behind the Danish Folk High School movement. , 1984); Kirmmse, Golden Age Denmark, pp. 199-237. 49. g. PAP, I A 60-62 (JP); SV, VII, pp. 12-43 (CUP). 50. On the influence of romanticism see Kirmmse, Golden Age Denmark; Kjeld Holm, Malthe Jacobsen and Bjarne Troelsen (eds), S0ren Kierkegaard og Romantikerne (Copenhagen: Berlingske Forlag, 1974); Svend Erik Stybe, Universitet og Andsliv i 500 Ar (Copenhagen: G. E. C. Gad, 1979), pp. 112-35; Svend Erik Stybe, Copenhagen University 500 Years of Science and Scholarship (Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1979), pp.

2. Some outstanding figures that can be mentioned are the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844), Hans Christian 0rsted the scientist (1771-1851), Adam Oehlenschlager the poet (1779-1850), Johan Ludvig Heiberg (1791-1860), who was poet, aesthetician, critic, translator, director of the Royal Theatre and the introducer of Hegel's philosophy to Denmark. His wife, actress Johanne Luise Heiberg (1812-90), and his mother, author Thomasine Gyllembourg (1773-1856), must also be mentioned. Another important figure is Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75), best known for his fairy tales, but also the author of a number of books and poems.

The years 1797-1813 brought Michael and Anne Kierkegaard a large family of seven children (three girls and four boys); but the deaths of all but two of his family, S0ren and his elder brother Peter Christian, were to confirm Michael Kierkegaard in his sense of guilt and the wrath of God. If his guilt concerning cursing God had not previously been coupled with the idea of divine retribution at some point, the contrast between increasing material benefits and the many deaths28 would all too easily lead such a religious temperament to such an interpretation.

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