By Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov

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The Pirc in Black and White: Detailed Coverage of an Enterprising Chess Opening (Everyman Chess)

The Pirc is an formidable counter-attacking reaction to White’s most well-liked establishing circulation, 1 e4. James Vigus presents an updated appraisal of the Pirc and its many diversifications. utilizing illustrative video games, he examines the conventional major strains, the modern choices and the tough sidelines, whereas outlining the common tactical and positional rules for either White and Black.

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L:txcS ttJa6, leaving White with practically no compensation) 8 ... 'i'xc4 9 e4 'i'b4 10 a3 (10 exfS d6 is similar) 10 ... 'ifaS 11 exfS d6 when he has the initiative; Black's dark-squared bishop is very powerful and his pieces can easily be activated. That said, it must be pointed out that White does have his trumps too, so I suppose it would be interesting to see some practical ex­ amples of this line. After the text if White finds time for g3 and manages to successfully com­ plete development, Black will end up in a passive position, so ...

13 ... a6? e4 is always bad be­ cause after 14 ... l:tg4 Black threatens to take this bishop and free his queen: for example, 15 'i¥te2 l:txe4+! 16 tZJxe4 'iVe5 with a couple of extra pawns and a happy queen) 14 ... tZJd7! when he sud­ denly creates some very serious threats against the white king. It may seem strange that Black can mount a serious attack with just a few pieces, but the fact is that almost all of White's pieces are tied up by the necessity of contain­ ing the black queen. 31 Fig h t i n g t h e A n t i - K i n g 's I n d i a n s queen for rook, and thus end up with a material advantage anyway.

Ii'x b2 Now White's only hope is to keep the black queen trapped on aI, aiming 29 Fig h t i n g t h e A n t i - K i n g 's I n d i a n s to capture it later. Therefore his next moves are forced: 10 CLle2 1\Vxa1 11 CLlec3 Mission accomplished. White now seriously threatens 12 1\Vd2, entombing the black queen forever. Indeed, this has often prompted Black to play 1 1 . , but there is a problem with this: White plays the very strong 12 d6! and it suddenly turns out that Black's king is in grave danger.

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